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We supply a range of plumbing services that cater for the vast majority of things we cover, however, there are many plumbing & heating solutions that are not listed below such as Water-based underfloor heating systems / Complete rip out & reinstall / Wiring of Thermostats etc.. there's just too many to list.


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If you have a question or would like us to install a plumbing solution that is not mentioned please reach out to us on; 07446 210 071 & ask for Tony.

Tividale Plumber
Plumber West Midlands


Need an Emergency Plumber? Our engineers can help you with any plumbing emergency, whatever the time of day.

So if you’ve got a burst pipe, a tap that won’t turn, or you can’t find your stopcock we’ve seen it before, and we’ve fixed it before.

If you are in trouble or struggling, you have lost hot water, have put a nail through a pipe or have another water or heating related emergency please don't wait; pick up the phone and speak to one of our friendly team now.

Tell us what the problem is and we will be around to fix the problem right away.


Plumber West Midlands



We provide a wide range of General Plumbing Services.

We provide boiler services in and around Oldbury, Rowley Regis, Tividale, Smethwick, Halesowen, Quinton, Harborne, Bearwood, Edgbaston, Birmingham and many more. Contact us for general plumbing services, boiler services, boiler breakdowns, central heating breakdowns, overflows and emergency repairs.

Plumber West Midlands


We’ll fix your problem with a one-off repair and guarantee our work so you have peace of mind.

Be it a radiator that won't heat up or a sink that's leaking - you can trust in our team to quickly identify the plumbing issue cause and to quickly and efficiently fix it.

Oldbury Boiler Engineer


You should get your boiler serviced regularly to make sure it’s working as it should.

After all a faulty boiler will not only waste you money on Gas but it may also be leaking dangerous Carbon Monoxide and because the gas is colorless and odourless, it’s very difficult to know if one of your appliances is leaking this toxic gas!  As such you should ensure they are serviced by a Gas Safe Registered engineer once a year to ensure your boiler is running efficiently and so you do not void your warranty.

Plumber West Midlands


Over the years Radiators have come a long way, so you could be getting a lot more from your heating system than you realise.

We can fit new radiators or even move radiators into another position for you to ensure that the heat radiates from the centre of your home!

We can even source the best radiators for you with a high BTU to ensure your radiator works its hardest and pumps out the most amount of heat your home!

Your radiator may be fine but you should ensure that your valves are not rusty. We can drain the system and replace the any problematic valves.

Oldbury Plumber



When your heating system breaks down it can be incredibly stressful, especially through the winter; but if the worst does happen we are one call away to ensure it's fixed without delay.

Our emergency repairs start from as little as £40 and if for some reason the problem needs more labour or parts our Boiler & Heating engineers will give you a fixed quote.

It really is that simple.

Halesowen Boiler Engineer


Find out how to get a new boiler installed and how much it should cost. Once you know, make sure you install a Best Buy boiler to suit your needs.

The cost of installing a new or replacement boiler is often more expensive than the boiler itself, so you need to know what to expect before you contact a qualified Boiler Engineer. This isn't a job you can do yourself to cut costs, unless you're a Gas Safe registered installer. 

Boiler installation costs vary enormously, depending on how much work is required, the parts needed and their availability, where you live and who you employ for the job.

We are often cheaper than our competition but never compromise on quality.

Plumber Oldbury


Typically you will notice a water leak either by a loss of water pressure from the taps or your boiler stops working to protect itself.

If your Boiler has stopped working because it has lost pressure then you definitely have a leak. 

Alternatively your boiler may be fine but you have a mains water leak and may experience a loss of pressure from the taps.

Either way our knowledge and experience helps us to find the leak, repair it and get your Boiler or water from the taps working again quickly!

Plumber Smethwick


In most cases the mains supply to your home will be an old lead supply. Leaving it to burst before its replaced is never a good idea.

Often the mains water supply will be running from the footpath outside of your home, up your path &/or drive. As such if you are considering  doing any work on your path or drive now is the time to replace it.

Up to date regulations state that the new supply must be of plastic construction as lead has health implications. Changing this pipe how ever is an involved task requiring delicate care.  Get in touch today if you have any questions or need help with your water supply pipe!

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