Why do you need a Boiler Service

If you live in rented accommodation it is a legal requirement that you have your boiler checked every year (to make sure your certificate is up to date).
It is recommended that homeowners follow the same practice with their domestic boilers (to ensure their warranty remains valid) but, surprisingly, many households still don’t bother.
There are two important reasons as to why you should have an annual boiler service.

Important Reason #1 - To Save You Money. 

A boiler that is running inefficiently will be burning a lot more gas to achieve the same result as it has to work much harder. All the gas that is used in your home is recorded on your gas meter which you are billed for. A serviced boiler is an efficient boiler so that means it uses less gas and therefore costs you less to run!

Very Important Reason #2 - To Save Your Life. 


A faulty boiler can release carbon monoxide which is known as a ‘silent killer’. This deadly gas is poisonous if breathed in resulting in poor health, debilitating conditions and even worse if not diagnosed - loss of life. An annual service will reduce the likelihood of your boiler developing a fault that could lead to a carbon monoxide leak. We only charge £40 for an annual service which works out to £3.33 per month which we can all agree isn't a lot of money when your health is concerned!
All of our engineers are certified Gas Safe. This means that they have all passed the relevant tests that demonstrate that they have the knowledge to work on gas boilers safely to keep you and your family safe from the dangers of Carbon Monoxide poisoning. If you think your boiler might be due an annual service, please don’t hesitate to get in touch call us on 07446 210071/0844 884 9771 (local rate). Alternatively, you can email us at info@tsplumbing-heating.co.uk and we will get in touch!

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