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An EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) is required whenever a property is built, sold or rented. It gives a property an energy efficiency rating from A (most efficient) to G (least efficient) and it is valid for 10 years. There are lots of reasons why you should improve your EPC rating, not just when buying and selling a house but also to ensure your home is efficient as it can be which in turn can help cut the cost of your energy bills.

There are a number of simple and significant changes that you can make to ensure that you receive the best rating possible and start saving you money:


Probably the cheapest and easiest change you can make is to replace old style light bulbs with energy saving equivalents in as many rooms as possible. This may be a good excuse to get new light fittings as bayonet bulbs are a lot more expensive than the current Edison screw bulbs.

Energy saving bulbs can be picked up very easily, but there is also a newer option which is now readily available- LED bulbs, which create a better light using much less energy; they also have a life of 10000 hours + so that reduces the need to change them as often. Although energy saving bulbs do cost a little more than old style filament bulbs they last much longer as well as using less electricity so they do save money.



Improving the insulation used in the walls and roof of your house isn’t an expensive option if you take into consideration that it will make your house warmer and save your boiler from working unnecessarily.

Professionally installed loft insulation for a typical three-bedroom, semi-detached house with gas central heating costs around £300. It will take around two years to pay for itself through the savings you’ll make on your heating bills.

Loft insulation (0-270mm)

Type of property

Installation cost

Savings per yearCO2 savings per year (kg)

Payback time

Detached house (four bedrooms)



1-2 years

Semi-detached house (three bedrooms)



2 years

Mid-terrace house (three bedrooms)



2 years

Detached bungalow (two bedrooms)



1-2 years


 Table notes: figures based on a typical gas-heated home. All data obtained from the Energy Saving Trust (EST).

If you’d like to find out how much it would cost then click this link: http://www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/home-insulation/roof-and-loft


This can be a costly change, especially if you live in an old house with brick walls. If your property has a cavity wall construction, ensure that this is filled – simple and inexpensive to introduce.

Cavity wall insulation

Type of property

Installation cost

Savings per yearCO2 savings per year (kg)

Payback time

Detached house (four bedrooms)



2-3 years

Semi-detached house (three bedrooms)



3 years

Mid-terrace house (three bedrooms)



3-4 years

Detached bungalow (two bedrooms)



4 years

Mid-floor flat (two bedrooms)



3-4 years


Table notes: figures based on a typical gas-heated home. All data obtained from the Energy Saving Trust (EST).

If you’d like to find out how much it would cost then click this link: http://www.energysavingtrust.org.uk/home-insulation/cavity-wall

Digital thermostat in the living room


Even if you have an old boiler, the introduction of modern controls such as a room thermostat, individual Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs) and Boiler Programmer will have a positive bearing on the EPC results – simple but slightly more expensive to introduce plus after you’ve programmed it just works all by itself so you don’t need to think about it!


Replacing an old, inefficient boiler will have a significant impact on any property's EPC rating. Yes it’s not cheap (although if you find the right plumber then it’s a significant price difference compared with larger energy companies) but it has the highest return on your investment and it’s ongoing.

A new boiler isn’t a luxury – it can reduce your energy bills as the latest models are more efficient. There are cheaper ways to improve the heating a house including adjustable thermostats for radiators to make sure you’re not heating empty rooms unnecessarily.

To accompany your new boiler, fit thermostatic radiator valves to help regulate the temperature of your rooms. They are relatively cheap (about £7 per unit) and as well as helping your EPC score, could save you money by keeping bedrooms and underused rooms at a lower temperature.

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Energy-efficient glazing also known as ‘double glazing or triple glazing’ is very energy-efficient and incorporates coated (low-emissivity) glass to prevent heat escaping through the windows. This makes the windows highly thermally insulating hence improving the energy efficiency of your home and helping to save money on your heating bills.

Unfortunately, many older double glazed units do not contain low-emissivity glass and are therefore not energy-efficient. By replacing your existing window glass with low-e glazing, you can improve the energy efficiency of your home, reduce your monthly bills and decrease the size of your carbon footprint.

If you have single glazed windows and a period house or perhaps original stained glass windows you can replace single glass in wooden window frames with double glazed panels or put panels in front of the double glazed window (depending on the depth of the window sill). These can be cut to size and won’t ruin the aesthetics of your period home.



Replace your old hot water cylinder jacket with a super-thick (75mm plus) one.

If you have a fireplace, install a super-efficient wood burning stove. Not only do secondary sources of heating score on EPCs, but this eco-friendly (wood burning is carbon neutral) feature will help you stave off switching on the heating for a few extra weeks and a merrily crackling fire in a living room will attract any prospective purchaser.


Why not check your EPC and see if any of the above tips can help you make your home more efficient!

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